Momento M6 Dashcam kit


Momento M6 Dashcam kit

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  • Full HD Resolution (1920x1080)
  • Up to 270° degree
  • 32GB micro-SD card included
  • GPS antenna tracks location & Speed
  • Operates while driving & parked
  • Shock sensor to trigger AutoSave
  • Motion detection to trigger AutoSave
  • Compatible with all vehicles
  • Viewing software included
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What is a "Smart" Dash Cam?
The main benefit of a smart dash cam is the ability to connect a dash camera system to your smartphone - making it easier to view, save, and share video files. The Momento M6 accomplishes this by creating a small and secure wi-fi hotspot inside your vehicle that only you can access from the Momento App.

In addition to giving you easy access to your Momento M6's video files, the Momento App also provides additional driving insights, such as speed, location, and trip data. 

Extra Eyes On and Off the Road

  • You are a safe and responsible driver, but what about those around you? You never know when something big might happen.
  • Driving Mode - On the road, the Momento M6 constantly records everything that happens at the front and rear of your vehicle.
  • Impact Sensors - If your vehicle experiences shock or impact, the Momento M6 specially stores 15 seconds before and after the incident.
  • Parking Mode - Even when you're parked, the Momento M6 has motion sensors that trigger recordings.

Go Beyond the Road
In addition to capturing each moment in high-definition 1080p, the Momento M6 also includes an external GPS/speed antenna. This GPS/speed antenna records the location and speed of your vehicle in real-time, pairing that data with your video files within the Momento App.

Equipped with Sony STARVIS
The Momento M6 features a Sony Exmor-R image sensor that is enhanced with STARVIS, the industry-standard for surveillance applications. This image sensor offers high-sensitivity performance and clarity, even in low-light environments.


Set Up Your Momento M6
Adjust the settings on your Momento M6 dash camera, all within the Momento App!

Shock sensitivity

  • Video resolution
  • File management system
  • Audio recordings
  • Battery-save thresholds
  • Much more!
More Information
Camera Resolution Full HD Resolution (1920x1080)
Current Draw (Parking Mode) No

For frequently asked questions refer to our Momento Dash website   

Product Contents

MD-FC6200 (front camera)

MD-RC6200 (rear camera)



MD-GPS-4200 (GPS Antenna)

CD-32GB (SD card)

MD-MOUNT-6200S (suction mount)

MD-MOUNT-6200T (taped mount)

Master Case Qty 1.0
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